SynCo Entertainment - The Un-Usual Suspects

SynCo Entertainment - The Un-Usual Suspects
December 1st, 2017


1.Good Morning - DT feat. Kurrent & Stoner Simpson
2.Turn Tables - Dupe feat. JiCue Smoove & Stoner Simpson
3.Airplane Mode - Stoner Simspon feat. NoBody & Syn
4.Ice Cream - Dupe feat. Syn
5.Moet - JiCue Smoove feat. Dupe
6.Ominous - Kurrent feat. Dupe, DT & Stoner Simpson
7.Can I Live - Stoner Simpson
8.Pain Killer Jane - PiK
9.I'm A Beast - PiK feat. Dupe
10.All About The Cash - Kurrent & NoBody
11.Paper In Discussion - Dupe feat. Syn & Stoner Simpson
12.The Industry - Kurrent feat. PiK & NoBody
13.The Remedy - Stoner Simpson feat. Syn
14.That's My Word - Kurrent & NoBody
15.Word Is Bond - Stoner Simpson feat. NoBody
16.Asleep - Kurrent feat. NoBody & Jamall Ray
17.Coast To Coast - Stoner Simpson feat. Tony Star
18.Feature Presentation - Syn feat. DT, Dupe, Kurrent, PiK, NoBody, Stoner Simpson & JiCue Smoove

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